Customer's Voice

From a customer who ordered a “Tea Caddy, Paulownia Box”

September, 2017

Dear Kuroki Goishiten –

My order arrived today.

The Kuro-kaki Tea Caddy is amazing and better than expected. The craftsmanship is superb and it will now become a treasured part of my collection.

I use my Hyugakaya Table Go Board every day, so it will rarely be stored in the Paulownia box you sent me, but I now know that my valuable board will be safe when I go on vacation.

Thank you once again, staff and craftsmen of Kuroki Goishiten.

Mr./Ms. J.B., USA

From a customer who ordered a “Shogi Board, Shogi Pieces”

August, 2017

Dear Sirs:

I received the shogi board and koma. I love the even top surface of the board, and the koma are well engraved. They are beautiful — I am looking forward to enjoying them for a long long time.

Thank you,

Mr./Ms. P.B., USA

From a customer who ordered a “Go Board, Stones, Bowls, etc”

July, 2017

Kurokigoishiten –

My order has arrived safely.

The Hyugakaya Table Go Board and the Blue Label Clamshell Go stones are wonderful. It is a delight to play with them.

My first game with my new Go equipment was to recreate the 1799 game of Honinbo Retsugen against Yasui Senchi Senkaku with the Kogeima Kakari opening.

Thank you all the Kurokigoshiten craftsmen and staff.

Mr./Ms. J.B., USA

From a customer who ordered a “Table Go Board”

May, 2017

As always, the service and the products are the best anyone can expect.
I cannot imagine how somebody cannot be completely satisfied this wonderful shop.
Thank you Mr. Kuroki and Staff.

Mr./Ms. L.L., Germany

From a customer who ordered a “Go Stones, Board, Bowls”

May, 2017

I got the product days ago with great packaged.
And the board and stones are amazing and beautiful.
I am really appreciated your services during the order process.
Hopefully next time I can go to Japan to buy more item in store directly.

Mr./Ms. L.S., Taiwan

From a customer who ordered a “Premium Blossom IGO Set”

April, 2017

I have always wanted a Go set ever since I was little, so I am ever grateful for Kurokigoishi being the benefactor of providing me my first one, and will stay that way for a long time. I am no Go expert, but Kurokigoishi has just taken my breath away on how dedicated they are to their craftsmanship, then allowing us to use them. Everything consists of just sheer beauty, from their gorgeous smooth white go stones made out of selected clamshells, to the clear cut lines of the table Go Boards. It is practically almost impossible to not love the aesthetic quality they instill in their work. All in all, I am honored to be a customer of Kurokigoishi.

Mr./Ms. S.N., USA

From a customer who ordered a “Clamshell Go Stones BLUE LABEL”

April, 2017

Thank you very much for the perfect service.
You always answered the emails very helpfully and provide great service even for international customers.
Your Go Stones are perfect.

Mr./Ms. L.L., Germany

From a customer who ordered a “Go Stones, Board, Bowls, etc”

February, 2017

The parcel arrived recently and I just wanted to say both the board and the stones are absolutely beautiful. I am very happy with my purchase and will be recommending you to my friends.

many thanks!

Mr./Ms. M.G., Poland

From a customer who ordered a “Go Board, Go Bowls, Box for Bowls”

October, 2016

My life has been enhanced by the beauty and elegance of your products! I cannot thank you enough for the care, expertise, and perfection with which you handled my transaction! To receive a 4.2sun Hyugakaya table board, Island Mulberry bowls, and paulownia box–in perfect condition–from Japan to the United States, in one week, is outstanding!!

You have bestowed honor, dignity, and grace upon me in such fashion I shall forever hold your company in the highest esteem!! May you find continued success and may the demand for your products increase well into the future!!

Mr./Ms. M.K., USA

From a customer who ordered a “Agathis Folding Go Board”

September, 2016

I bought Agathis Folding Go Board size 7 this time, but its four corner is not on one level. So, the board is not stable. I suggest four pads on the four corner of the board should be one of the solution.

Mr./Ms. Z.K., China

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