Customer's Voice

From a customer who ordered a “Go Board, Go Bowls, Box for Bowls”

October, 2016

My life has been enhanced by the beauty and elegance of your products! I cannot thank you enough for the care, expertise, and perfection with which you handled my transaction! To receive a 4.2sun Hyugakaya table board, Island Mulberry bowls, and paulownia box–in perfect condition–from Japan to the United States, in one week, is outstanding!!

You have bestowed honor, dignity, and grace upon me in such fashion I shall forever hold your company in the highest esteem!! May you find continued success and may the demand for your products increase well into the future!!

Mr./Ms. M.K., USA

From a customer who ordered a “Agathis Folding Go Board”

September, 2016

I bought Agathis Folding Go Board size 7 this time, but its four corner is not on one level. So, the board is not stable. I suggest four pads on the four corner of the board should be one of the solution.

Mr./Ms. Z.K., China

From a customer who ordered a “Go stone・bowls・board Set”

August, 2016

I have received the centennial anniversary blue label set, it is amazing! The blue label stones are said to have some minor defects(scratches & etc), but I can't really see them at all! And I am from a watch-making company! Will definitely recommend to my friends! Thanks for such a high quality product!

Suggestion: To have a small piece of paper to tell the user that the board is waxed. I thought that board is scratched in the first place but it's actually wax, once i wipe it lightly with a cloth, the marks are gone.

Mr./Ms. L., Singapore

From a customer who ordered a “Warehouse Outlets”

June, 2016

Dear Mr. Kuroki,

I received my keyaki go bowls within less than a week after placing the order. Thank you for the fast shipping and the great communication via E-Mail.
I'm really delighted with the go bowls. Even though it was an off-spec product, there are barely any noticeable flaws.
Just like the products of my prior orders at Kurokigoishiten, the go bowls exceed my expectations.

Mr./Ms. Y.H., Germany

From a customer who ordered a Legendary Hyuga Special Clam Go Stones

May, 2016

My new Legendary Snow 31 stones arrived today. As with all prior orders from you the packing was expert and the products are of the highest quality.
It is always a pleasure to do business with your professional organization.
Thank you,

Mr./Ms. D.D., WA USA

From a customer who ordered a BLUE LABEL etc

April, 2016

Good morning! (Evening for me),
I received my sample blue label go stones and was very impressed and am about to place an order for some. They arrive neatly packed an without problem in relatively short time for the distance. It was my first time receiving a package from this far away so I’m glad it went smoothly. With my order that I am placing I can the go stone charm strap be included in that shipping? Thanks again!

Mr./Ms. M.M., NY USA

From a customer who ordered a No hinge Folding Go Board

April, 2016

This board arrived well-packaged. It’s very easy to carry to a go club, has nice appealing surface, and despite being thin, it has a nice snapping sound (probably not as great of a kaya board, but superior to the shin kaya boards I bought from other distributors in the US). Highly recommended for the price/quality balance.

Mr./Ms. A.F., IL USA

From a customer who ordered a Hyuga Kaya Shogi board with legs

November 24, 2015

I received my new Shogi board about 20 minutes ago.

It is just as I imagined. I like it very much. I am so satisfied with this board.

The Shogi piece is a perfect match for this board. All I have to do now is to brush my Shogi skills up.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I wish Kuroki Goishiten’s great success and further prosperity in the future.

Mr. T.T., Nara Pref. Japan

From a customer who ordered a set of Go equipment

I just received my Go set.

All the equipment is so nice and I like it very much. I will take good care of them.

I am looking forward to ordering more items from your shop.

Mail of acknowledgement

I received a set of Go board, stones, and bowls that I ordered from your online shop.

I am deeply moved by the beauty and whiteness of the real clamshell stones.

I am satisfied with the Go board and Go bowls, too. They are much more beautiful than I expected.

Thanks to your assistance, I will be able to more enjoy playing Go game.  I promise I will take always care of this equipment.

Thank you very much.

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