Product Lines of Kuroki GoishitenClamshell Go Stones BLUE LABEL


As our company was established in 1917 in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Pref., we are soon going to commemorate our centennial anniversary as manufacturers of clamshell Go stones.

Our BLUE LABEL stones are offered at an affordable price to give more players the opportunity to access and use Go stones made of real clamshells.

Their specification is nearly equal to our two highest grade stones “Carefully selected Snow/Blossom Grades”. We hope that you will able to touch and experience the excellency of real clamshell stones thanks to our BLUE LABEL line.

Raw Material and Quality of BLUE LABEL Clamshell Go Stones

White Stones: Mexican Clamshell
Black Stones: Nachiguro Slate from Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
Quality: Quasi-Snow/Blossom Grade (shape, color and scratch etc.)

BLUE LABEL stones are the perfect selection for making a gift to beginners. They are also good to use at Go tournaments and Go parlors. We hope that more entry-level and recreational players will have a chance to play with these real clamshell stones. Their quality is nearly equal to, but slightly lower than that of our two highest grades.

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