In order to use our products for a long period of timeMaintenance of Go Bowl

  • Go bowls are made from natural wood and finished with wax being applied on their surface. Please remove the wax with a dry cloth before use.
  • If moistened, the wax could detach itself from the surface. Please store in a dry place.
  • Please store in a place away from dust and humidity. We recommend storing Go bowls inside a paulownia box.
    Link to Go Bowl Box
  • In order to maintain Go bowls in good condition, please take care of them every day. After use, we recommend cleaning Go bowls with a soft and dry cloth to remove dust and to keep them clean.
  • Please do not use a wet towel or a wet cloth as wooden products are very sensitive to moisture.
  • Please store them in a dry place as moisture may cause mold or spots.
  • Even if your storage area is not so humid normally, moisture levels increase during the rainy season. Please try to keep Go bowls dry using a towel or a dry cloth to remove moisture from its surface.
  • Please keep out of direct sunlight, stove heater, air conditioner or any windy area where temperature and humidity can go through extreme changes. They may cause cracks, deformation, and discoloration.