In order to use our products for a long period of timeMaintenance of Go & Shogi Boards

To make a Kaya (torreya nucifera) Go board, it takes at least 15 years. After cutting the tree, the log is naturally dried for 4 to 5 years and should be stabilized before being processed into a Go board. After the board is finished, the process is not over yet. If you do not give it proper maintenance, the board will often crack and get moldy. This may lower its value. Please follow the important notes below.

  • Please keep out of direct sunlight such as in a veranda and in front of a stove heater. (Extreme changes in temperature and humidity may cause cracks on the board.)
  • Please keep out of strong and direct dry wind from your air con unit as this may often cause cracks.
  • If you do not use the board for a long period of time during the rainy season, high humidity may often cause sweating on the surface of board. Please wipe it off with a dry cloth as it may generate green mold.

Within two years after purchasing a Go & Shogi board, please follow the important notes below to ensure the board will stabilize and remain crack and impact resistant.  As time goes by, the color of Kaya Go boards will become deeper and its condition more stable. This will increase its value in the future.

Regarding daily maintenance and care, we recommend to always put on a paulownia lid before and after use and sometimes clean the board with a dry cloth. We also provide various services such as re-marking of lines on the board. Please contact us for any daily maintenance and other repair services.

Please clean your Hon Kaya Go & Shogi board with a dry soft cloth on a daily basis as it is finished by applying wax. Please do not rub the board with any cloth as it may remove the wax applied on the surface.

If your board has been stored for many years, the wax on the board surface may change into a whitish deposit. Please remove this deposit with a dry cloth.

Please do not use any wet towel or wet cloth for cleaning your Go board as wooden products are very sensitive to moisture.

  • How to Regain Shine
    Please apply wax on the board with a dry cloth to regain shine. We also provide a professional wax re-application service.

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