NEWSOctober Igo day Event Start!!!

October Igo day Event 『2021 Fall Go & Shogi set Fair!!!』 Start!!!

The Go Day Event “Autumn Go and Shogi Set Fair” starting from October 15!
Why not enjoy playing Go and Shogi game in the long autumn night, in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere?
We are happy to introduce a number of Go and Shogi sets, recommending for all levels of players, from beginners to long-experienced players. All of our lines are perfect for those who enjoy playing Go and Shogi on a daily basis, those who haven’t played for a while, and those who want to start playing Go and Shogi games.
Please spend quality time with our specially-selected equipment!!

Those who purchase the Go set will receive a ‘9/6-ro Go Board made from Artificial Leather’, and those who purchase the Shogi set will receive a Hyuga-kaya made smartphone stand as a gift !!!
Don’t miss this opportunity!


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