NEWSMay Igo day Event Start!!!

May Igo day Event 『The 4th Anniversary of GOISHI DAY (5/14) Fair!!!』 Start!!!

May 14th is the ‘day of Go stones (‘Go Ishi’ in Japanese reading 5, 1, 4)’ in Japanese puns.
In 2017, ‘May 14th’ was established as ‘Go Stone Day’ and will celebrate its 4th anniversary!!!

We are happy to announce special fair for this anniversary starting from May 15th!
Happy GO STONE DAY offer!

In honor of ‘Go Ishi (In Japanese reading 5, 1, 4) Day’, only 20 sets of Clamshell Go stone Blue Label size 20 (list price 21,600 yen) are limited to 5,140 yen !!! , Go set of 51,400 yen, luxurious Go sets of 514,000 yen, luxury Go 8-piece set, 9-ro board set, 13-ro board set, 2-piece set, and 3-piece set, etc. !!!

Each set has limited availability. First Come, First Served!! Do not miss this chance!!

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