NEWSWe added a Sakura Go set.

We are pleased to introduce 5 sets of Go stones in a color of cherry blossom (pale pink) and fresh pale green, that comes with a navy blue-colored Go mat. We have newly created this uniquely-colored stones under the concept, “Let’s enjoy Go game without any difficulty, at your pleasure, and have more fun”.

“Sakura (cherry blossoms) Go set” consists of pretty-colored Go stones and 9X9-ro and 7X7-ro Go mat. All these items can be contained in a portable paper cylinder (PET bottle size: 75mm diameter and 155mm height). The plastic lid has a beautiful design of cherry blossom petals.
Please feel a gentle and beautiful harmony of three different natural colors and enjoy the color contrast between pink and pale green and navy blue, totally apart from a common sense that Go stones are only black and white.
We painted the surface of off-spec Go stones that couldn’t pass our strict standard in the sorting process. Please understand that there are some visible scratches and irregular color. *Please see the image.
The reversible Go mat is made from 1mm-thick artificial leather (Ecsaine®), that is soft but durable. Please enjoy playing Go games at both sides; 9X9-ro and 7X7-ro. *Please understand that the mat has some creases as it is stored in a paper cylinder container.

A compact and portable set named “Sakura Go (Cherry blossom Go)” is now on sale!

▼Sakura Go Set▼