NEWSShipping Charges for Overseas Shipments

The packing charges in the shipping method explanation of our shopping page will be changed as follows. This is not an increase in the shipping charges, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Date of change: Starting 12:00 1/August/2018

Description of change: Shipments outside of Japan: The shipping charge calculation standard for international express mail (EMS), international parcel post air (Air), economy air (SAL), and surface mail (Ship) will be changed from 110% to 138% of the purchased products’ total weight.

Reason for change: The shipping charges are calculated to include the packing charges, insurance charges, and shipment handling charges, and to notify customers of the shipping charges at the time the order is placed the shipping charges are automatically calculated. The 110% of the actual total product weight that was used in the calculation standard was resulting in a large discrepancy from the actual shipping charges, so this change to using 138% is being done to correct this discrepancy.
*This change in the calculation standard from 110% to 138% is just a change to the weight and is not an increase in the shipping charges.

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