NEWSGo stone artisans are listed as Miyazaki Pref. Traditional Craftsman.

Two of our Go stone artisans are listed as Miyazaki Pref. Traditional Craftsman on Feb. 2nd, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Kuroki Goishiten’s two Go stones artisans, Mr. Norio NASU and Mr. Yoshifumi SHIMOZURU, were officially recognized and listed as “Miyazaki Prefecture Traditional Craftsman”. Their Go stone manufacturing skills using natural clamshells, long-year experience, and continuous effort to brush up their skill have been highly evaluated and acknowledged. On February 2nd 2018, Mr. Nasu and Mr. Shimozuru were invited to the Miyazaki Prefectural Governor’s Office for the certification ceremony.

Mr. Shunji KONO, the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture, granted them the certificate of “Hyuga Clamshell Go Stone Artisan” under this honorable title. After the ceremony, Governor KONO enjoyed talking with artisans and learned more about our clamshell Go stones showcased by them.

This year, Kuroki Goishiten commemorates the 101st anniversary from its establishment. We are going to make our every effort to contribute not only to the development of clamshell Go stones but also the promotion of Go and Shogi games. We hope your continuous and kind support on our products. Thank you very much.