NEWSPostscript(1/31) Igo Day event : Clamshell Stone Fair Commemorating

Clamshell Stone Fair Commemorating Facebook 50,000 Likes!

IGO Day Fair from January 15 celebrates 50,000 Likes on our Facebook page!
To show our appreciation to all our customers, we offer a wide variety of sets.
3 items Basic Set, 5 items Luxurious Set, 9 items Full equipment set.
Limited Availability! First Come, First Served!! Do not miss this chance!!

【Postscript(1/31)】We added a Igo Day Event

Additional 2 sets available! Do not miss this chance to get popular set of Go board with legs.
2 additional “Premium Go sets” are now available for 2 weeks from Feb. 1 to 14th. Do not miss it as it was very popular in December Go Event and sold out immediately.

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