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Miniature Go sets commemorating Kurokigoishiten’s centennial anniversary

The year 2017 is our centennial anniversary since its establishment in 1917.
This special set is designed for all our customers to express our sincere appreciation for your support and our effort to continue shaping our history toward the next 100 years.
To commemorate our 100th anniversary, we would like to offer 100 sets of special miniature Go sets, comprised of authentic Hyuga products.
All the materials are collected in Hyuga, Miyazaki, such as legendary Hyuga clamshell Go stones, that is almost depleted in the last couple of decades, as well as Hyuga Kaya Go board and bowls.
All items are made in Hyuga. Because of its “compactness” (1/3 of regular size), not only its quality but also packaging is all the more important to us.
Each of those small-sized Go stones (diameter: 8mm) is made from authentic Hyuga suwabute clam. Each clamshell is carefully cut out and polished by our craftsmen. Even regular-sized Go stones (diameter: 21.9mm) rely on high levels of skills and long years of experience. Needless to say, processing such small-sized Go stones require even higher technique and concentration. Thin line on the board and small but stable legs are carefully finished by our craftsman as firm as regular-sized Go board. Go bowls are made by certified traditional artisan Takashi Nishikawa. The small size of the bowls truly spotlights his talent as a craftsman. All three miniature pieces are perfect art without any compromise.
This is a perfect set to celebrate our centennial anniversary, made with the quality and care befitting of the highest grade artwork.
100th Anniversary Memorial Set

100th Anniversary Memorial Set