NEWSWe added Igo Day event “2nd Go-I-Shi Day (5/14) Fair”.

2nd Go-I-Shi Day (5/14) Fair

From 2017, we establish the Day of Go-I-Shi (meaning Go Stone in Japanese) on May 14th (the date is also pronounced as GO(5)-I(1)-Shi(4) in Japanese).
Igo Day Event starting from June 15th commemorates monthly anniversary as “2nd Go-I-Shi Day Fair”!
We are happy to introduce luxurious set of 5 items, including a pair of small-sized premium Go stones (21mm) and Go bowl, Premium grade stones, Go bowls, Bag for Go bowl, Go board, and rush grass mat.
Limited Availability! First Come, First Served!! Do not miss this chance!!

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