NEWSWe added Igo Day event “May 14th Go-I-Shi Day Fair”.

May 14th Go-I-Shi Day Fair!!

From 2017, we establish the Day of Go-I-Shi (meaning Go Stone in Japanese) on May 14th (the date is also pronounced as GO(5)-I(1)-Shi(4) in Japanese). Don’t miss this special chance commemorating the date, starting from may 15th.
Featuring the numbers of 5/1/4 (Go-I-Shi), we are happy to offer Premium Sets at 514,000JPY and 51,400JPY, ONLY ONE set for each.
We offer a wide variety of sets. <2-item set> Clamshell BLUE LABEL stones (odd-numbered size, such as 31, 33, 35 … up to 49) paired with Go Bowls. <4 item set> Go stones and bowls, board and tatami (rush grass) mat.
10,000Yen~535,300YenOFF, Each set has limited availability.
First Come, First Served!! Do not miss this chance!!

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