NEWSIgo Day Event : Mother of Pearl Go Stone Fair!

Starting from April 1! To commemorate our centennial anniversary,
we are happy to introduce premium 2 sets of Mother of Pearl Go Stones.

Since old times, Mother of Pearl has been used to make a wide variety of luxurious items, such as high-end watch faces, shell buttons and ornaments, being treated as carefully as jewelry.
These stones are made from natural Mother of Pearl, that has not only outstanding beauty and shines, but also deep gloss and smooth texture.
This product cans be called the ‘extremely venerable stones’ as it is miracle to make stones from rare material shells that are too fragile to process.
Mother of Peral Stones can be categorized into three different grades by scratch, color, and shape. Stones with chipping and flaw are already removed.
Class S/Highest grade. Shape and color are in perfect condition. No scratch on the surface.
Class A/Shape and color are mostly in perfect condition. Some have small scratch on the surface.
Class B/Shape and color are not uniform. Some have visible scratch on the surface. Rarely, there is small crack.

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