NEWSWe added Igo Day event “Premium Clamshell Stone Fair”.

Premium Clamshell Stone Fair, commemorating 20,000 Likes on our Facebook page!

IGO Day Fair starting from March 15 celebrates 20,000 Likes on our Facebook page!
To show our deepest appreciation to our customers all around the world, we are happy to offer limited number of premium Go sets at 9,000 up to 100,000 Yen discounted price, including Premium Snow or Blossom Grade stones and Go bowls (2-item set) plus Go board(3-item set ).
Furthermore, bags and box for Go bowls, Tatami (rush grass) mat, or game clock will be your free gift. Please do not miss this chance.
*Please note that free gift will vary depending on the set you order. Please see the page to confirm the detail.

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