NEWSIgo Day Event : Special Fair Commemorating the Release of BLUE LABEL SNOW GRADE.

BLUE LABEL Snow grade, Go bowls, Go Board, Tatami mat.
Best Value! Each set has limited availability.

We are happy to introduce BLUE LABEL SNOW GRADE Fair starting from March 1st through 14th.
We offer 7 different sets that includes 4 products, BLUE LABEL SNOW GRADE stones, Go bowls, board, and Tatami (rush grass) mat.
Go stones sizes vary from 28 to 42. Go bowls are made from various woods, such as cherry, camphor, zelkova, Hon-kuwa mulberry and so forth. There are two options for boards; Go board made from new Kaya, size 20, OR one-piece board, size30. Tatami (rush grass) mat is our complementary gift.

■BLUE LABEL Snow grade/
‘BLUE LABEL Snow Grade’ is actually belong to the quasi-Snow Grade but they can be categorized as Snow Grade with its highest quality color and stripe patterns.
This grade can be placed at one-rank higher than conventional BLUE LABEL stones, due to its clear milky color and beautiful stripes.
This brand new stones not only produce sophisticated elegance, but also being sold at reasonably price.

SNOW GRADE Stones boost outstandingly beautiful surface with clear milky color with natural stripes.
Quality of BLUE LABEL SNOW GRADE is Quasi-Snow Grade in terms of shape and scratch. But their clear milky color and beautiful stripes are almost equal to those of carefully-selected SNOW GRADE stones. By the introduction of our original ‘Numbering System’ on each stone, we can assure the grade and quality of any stones purchased from us.
This brand new item is perfect not only for a gift, but also for your daily practice using higher grade of stone.

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