NEWSWe added Igo Day event “Legendary Hyuga Clamshell Stone Fair!”.

Legendary Hyuga Clamshell Stone Fair! Directly from the Warehouse.
Only 3 Sets Available!

Today, no more this class of Go stones are newly produced since most of the Hyuga-grown clamshells are depleted.
This time, we are happy to introduce Hyuga clam stones that have been stored for many years due to various reasons. Here are our special offer at special warehouse price: 1 set of Hyuga clamshell BLUE LABEL stones, and 2 sets of Repaired Stones.
This is same quality as our BLUE LABEL stones.
Thanks to our craftsmen’s repair work on our new and old stocks, as well as second-hand goods, these items seem to be completely reborn and look like “new” products.
After polishing, Go stones recover a shine which makes them look just like new.
* “Repaired Product” means a product that we repaired, fixed, refined, and recovered.

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