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Set of Legendary Yaku-Kaya Board & Happy Anniversary Fair of BLUE LABEL Brand

Cedar trees grown in Yakushima Island is already well known as ‘Yaku Sugi (cedar)’. Please do not forget about Kaya tree (torreya nucifera) grown in the same island. It is extremely difficult to get these material wood, as all trees grown in Yakushima Island has been prohibited to cut down since the island was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
We successfully made 3 Yaku-Kaya boards using legendary wood grown in Yakushima Island. Only 3 sets available. The set includes Yaku-Kaya Table Go board, carefully-selected Go stones, and Yaku Sugi cedar Go bowls.
These are truly rare ‘Legendary Yaku-Kaya Board’, that are hardly sold in the market. Do not miss this chance!!!!!

●BLUE LABEL Event sets
Our BLUE LABEL Stone Brand commemorates its 1st anniversary as of Jan.1.
We truly appreciate all your support across the world.
In order to show our appreciation to all our customers, we are happy to hold ‘BLUE LABEL 1st Anniversary Fair ‘, starting from Jan. 15 through Feb. 14.
13/9-ro(lined) board will be given as a gift for those who order the set.
The set consists of 3 items including BLUE LABEL stones (ranging from the reasonable-priced stones to super thick ones), and Go bowls, and Go board.
Each set has limited availability. Do not miss this chance!!!


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