NEWSNow Purple Go stones appear on our Collector’s Items & Art Gallery!

5 sets of purple stones are ready again, followed by September Fair.

Usually, the pure white color is highly valued for natural clamshell stone. But in very rare occasion, purple color partly stay in the surface of stone. This stone is accidentally created with 0.001-0.0001% of total number of production. In that sense, this is truly rare and extremely beautiful natural clamshell stone, only one set available out of several thousand or more stones.
In case of white Go stones, stripe design is not clearly visible. On the other hand, these purple-colored stones clearly outstands its stripes on its surface.
This item is hardly found in the market, that makes it true rare product. Please kindly understand that the purple color is a bit varied even though we have carefully selected the stones with similar color tone.

The quality of stones is equal to our BLUE LABEL Go stones.

Purple Go Stones, BLUE LABEL