NEWSTo commemorate Kuroki Goishi’s Centennial Anniversary, “BLUE LABEL Special Campaign”

Clamshell Go Stone is a must item to start playing Go game. Do not miss this chance to purchase high-end clamshell stones at very reasonable price. Size 41 and 46 stones are available for limited number of sets.

July Igo Day’s Special Offer! To commemorate Kuroki Goishi’s Centennial Anniversary, we are happy to offer "BLUE LABEL Special Campaign".
We are happy to introduce 40% discount price for a set of Go equipment to commemorate our centennial anniversary. For more than 6 month since its release in this January, the set of our BLUE LABEL Clamshell Go Stone, Go board, and Go bowls has been so popular and sold very well. If you order a set of Blue Label Clamshell Stones, you can get a complimentary ‘Black Light’ to check stone numbering system. This special gift is only for this time period and also free of charge. (Normal price is 1,000 yen)
Limited Availability and Limited Period of Time. It is truly rare opportunity to get real Clamshell Go Stones. Do not miss this chance!!

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