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Our Online Shop is totally renewed and upgraded! Please check out our major updates!

You are able to see the photo images of all products in each category at the same time.

All items can be sorted according to the price and the order of updates.

Payment procedure is partially updated.

For the customers who are going to pay by credit card and PayPal, we accept online payment using "VeriTrans3G" service for your convenience.

Please enter the Order Confirmation Page from your shopping cart and select your payment method. Once you select "credit card" or "PayPal", you will be automatically jumped to VeriTrans3G page. Then please follow the instructions.

For those who select bank transfer, we will directly e-mail you necessary bank information.

You are able to see overseas shipping cost according to your shipping method.

Once your ordering item is in the shopping cart, you will be able to see all the items you have selected.

Please click shipping method and select your destination. You will be able to see each shipping cost for EMS, SAL and BOAT before finalizing your order.

*This system does not cover all countries and regions. If you cannot find your destination, please directly contact us.

We would like to make a continuous effort to make our online shop more convenient and safer so that all our customer will be able to enjoy finding and selecting products. Should you have any request and comment, please let us know using the "Inquiry" form. Thank you.

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